Hi, Haiti!

One of our long-time ongoing projects is our support of the charitable organisation FONMEH, which aims to imrpove the lives of orphaned kids on Haiti. Since the earthquake in 2010, during which many children lost their parents, the organisation has been building and expanding an orphanage for more than 40 children – giving them a roof over their heads as well as food, love and an education.

In 2017, FONMEH e.V. once again received 6,000 euros from Charity Cat, as well as a clothes donation. These donations followed the emergency relief we sent back in October 2016 after hurricane Matthew, which destroyed the orphanage’s solar panels and parts of the buildings.


The new donation helped FONMEH to complete a new building for the girls, pay for school fees for those children showing promise and to complete a new set of solar panels on the roof of the orphanage. This year, 2018, comes with new priorities for FONMEH, including building a new house for the older boys. You can find more detailed information on these projects on the organisation’s website or their picture report here: http://www.fonmeh.de/