Peniel Project, Akyem Maase, Ghana

For the first time in 2017, we have gotten together with the Peniel Project in Ghana. Founded by a pastor from London, Philip Asamoah, who was born in Akyem Maase in Ghana, the project works together with different supporters in Europe as well as helpers on the ground in Ghana, to offer a better life for poor people in his home town.

The project started in 2012 with a kindergarden and a pre-school and later with a newly built school. Now, around 300 children are profiting from the education they get in the kindergarden, pre-school and primary school up to year 4. As the school is still being extended, more and more children will be able to join the classes there. The goal: to give young people a good education as a foundation for their future work and life. This means that it will make it easier for them to avoid poverty in future, while also helping the employees and teachers to help themselves. Additionally, the project has helped to improve the local water supply and infrastructure.

In October, Charity Cat donated 1000 euros as well as a large amount of clothing, which the initiative brought to Ghana. The clothes, shoes and sports equipment arrived safely and were given to the school children: „Thanks to your donation of football kits and boots it was possible to give some item of clothing to almost everyone at the school. The girls got a dress, shirt or skirt, while the boys received football jerseys and shoes when possible. The children were really happy.“

Meanwhile, the financial donation will help to equip the newly built extension to be fittet with doors and furniture, since they were still missing a lot of tables, benches and doors for the school.