Sports in everyday clothing? Not anymore!

Many of the kids had to take part in their school’s sports program in their normal clothing. Intact volleyballs and footballs? Hardly any to be found. Due to financial difficulties. For Julius Frank, who is teaching German at a state-run boarding school in the Ukraine as part of a volunteer proramme, this was not a situation he could tolerate. That’s why he started asking around for new equipment and sports clothing for the kids at the school in Kremenets, especially those who are part of the volleyball or football teams.

Charity Cat was able to help him out – in May 2018, he received a large number of kits as well as balls and goalkeeper gloves. The shirts have already been used in the sports lessons for year 7, by the football team and for the volleyball extracurricular activities. The gloves and balls will arrive soon.

All clothing and equipment have found a good home at the school: “especially with the hot months comuing up, they were urgently needed,” said Julius Frank. Many children at the school live under less-than-ideal circumstances and therefore can’t afford special sports clothing – whether it’s because their parents died during the conflict or because they don’t have the financial means to support their own child. Kremenets is in the west of the Ukraine near L’viv. Julius Frank is spending some time there as a volunteer as a German assistant.

You can find out more about Charity Cat’s donation of kits and about Julius Frank’s experience in the Ukraine at his blog at: